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The 4 Biggest Benefits of Digital Signage in Your Business

The 4 Biggest Benefits of Digital Signage in Your Business

As it is mentioned in the text Digital Signage: What it is and what it is for touch screen signage, you must have realized how much digital signage is helping various market segments to enhance their business results. It is nothing new that the pressure for improving results is constant and resources are limited in the business context. 

10 reasons why digital signage is useful for your business

1 – Benefits of Digital Signage: Increase the flow of people in your business

Did you know that a digital signage solution is able to catch the attention of your target audience 7x more?

This not only means more people circulating in your business, but also greater awareness for your brand. This is very important, because when the potential customer is visiting your point of sale, you only have a few seconds to capture their interest. For this, the communication resources generate positive results because they enable greater assertiveness between the offer and the customers’ needs. Some examples of these features are:

Dynamic content according to the consumer’s profile, day, time, region or season: Imagine how much more assertive it would be to attract new customers if your digital signage system targeted specific messages according to the audience that is most present at each time of the day, day of the week, geographic region or time of year?

2 – Increase Sales

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Digital Signage is this one. Generally, our customers increase the average ticket by 15% and the sales of specific items (targeted sales) by 60% after implementing the solution. This is the result of a series of marketing actions that become possible, such as:

Flash Deals

Have you thought about the possibility of taking advantage of a day when the movement is not so good to make a flash promotion and thus recover the billing goal? What if, for some reason, your business needs to handle a specific item in inventory?

Sales crossed (cross-sell)

Have you ever stopped to think how much money you are losing by simply failing to suggest an additional product in real time and interactively? In the food sector this could be the suggestion of a dessert, complementary dishes or drinks and in retail, an accessory that goes well with a piece of clothing.

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3 – Loyalty and Engage

This application of digital signage enhances a differentiated customer relationship. One way to generate loyalty and engagement is through the

Sensory Marketing

Signage systems enable the interaction of the brand with its audiences through the so-called “sensory marketing”, which can be promoted through smells, lighting, social networks, ambient sound, among others, which, statistically, increases by 34% length of stay of customers within the establishment, motivates employees and encourages the return of customers !

4 – Reduce costs

The saving of resources with digital communication is unquestionable, In addition to reducing printing and distribution costs, it is essential for the standardization of the brand,

This is because with a remote content management center, it is possible to carry out content updates in real time and in a unified way on all desired screens. This consumes less time for your employees and also ensures greater standardization of the brand, which is essential for many businesses, especially those with franchises.


Through the use of digital signage systems, businesses can create a competitive advantage that drastically increases the flow of consumers, sales, as well as reduces costs, engages and favors more customers.