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Tiger Cave

Welcome to the Tham Suea website: join to make merit, chant, listen to Dharma, practice meditation, vipassana meditation in the year 1975. Luang Por Jamnian wishes to find a new meditation practice. It was a vision in his mind that it was a place surrounded by mountains and a cave called “Tiger Cave”, including many caves and in Krabi province as well. As soon as the vision was born, a feeling of love for that place came to light. It felt like I was familiar with this place before. Luang Pho gave Phra Ajahn Hed To seek a place to establish a school Finally, Phra Ajarn Hu found several places, including the Tiger Cave. Luang Pho had the opportunity to see the cave as described by Phra Ajahn Hed. Is in line with the vision that Luang Por really saw Luang Por Jamnian led 53 monks and 56 nuns from Wat Sukhonthawat to this place, known as the Tiger Cave. Or in the past, the temple was named “Na Ching Monastery” by the name of the village on March 25, 1975 and changed to “Wat Tham Suea” on August 2, 1990 to pioneer and open a place of meditation Vipassana meditation until now Named Tiger Cave Temple … Read more • Making merit, public relations • News at the temple • Practice from Krabi town Turn left at Talat Kao intersection. Take the Petchkasem Road. (Highway 4) Nuea Khlong District route Turn left at Tham Suea intersection along Ratsadon Pattana Road. (Highway 4037) about 2 kilometers.

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